Services Offered

Peaceful Power Seekers Group

APOLOGIES!! Personal and family issues have taken priority. The group will not begin again until next year!

Are you experiencing too much of the stress hormone cortisol; that familiar and painful emotional pattern that you can feel in your gut, or in your throat, or in your pounding headache every time you are triggered or hit with something unexpected? Please call or email us to join the Peaceful Power Seekers Group – a Place to Heal from Loss to share your experience with others and be guided to learn how to end your painful emotional patterns.

Please email me at and include this information:

  1. Your name and email address so that I can send you information.
  2. Where you are from.
  3. Your loss and any pertinent information you would like to share about your current circumstances.
  4. $20 per session via Venmo Kirstine Keel@kirstine-keel or PayPal Kirstine Keel @PeacefulPower

APOLOGIES: The group will not begin again until next year. Personal and family issues take priority!

Looking forward to your healing!